Customer capital security

Safety of Capital

According to the account deposit segregation provision of ASIC and AFSL, We refuses to receive transfer or withdrawal application from any third party, and the capital is deposited in a seperated account.

How will customer capital be ensured?

The safety of customer capital is a critical part of ABS’s safety promise. As the regulator of US, ASIC has specific and strict regulations on the protection of customer capital. Basically, We protects customer capital with the “segregated deposit”.

What does us do to fulfill its promise of “segregated deposit of customer capital”?

We always complies with relevant regulations of ASIC in terms of the segregated deposit of customer capital:

1、We verifies customer capital on a daily basis to make sure that customer capital and company capital can be precisely distinguished and calculated at any given time.

2、We will never use the segregated customer capital for company operation or risk hedging, or use it for any interest-bearing investment or any other type of investment.

3、We submits a customer capital report to ASIC on a monthly basis.

What are the benefits for customers to have their capital segregated?

Since customer capital is segregated, therefore it may not be used for the operation or investment behaviors of us.

Customer capital is ensured to be segregated from bank asset with the bank’s guarantee trust, and may not be used for any investment behavior of the bank.

Risk warning:Margin trading in all foreign exchange, precious metals and CFD contract products is accompanied by a huge risk and therefore not suitable for all investors. Please be sure to invest fully within your own limits when you fully understand the risks involved. For more risk details, please refer to us