Franchise advantage

As of now, forex market is witnessing an unprecedented growth and it is becoming the financial investment product with the largest volume of business and the most transparent transactions in the world. ABS Group has realized the full-system support from branding, promotion to operation management for the development in this field:

Abundant investment options, more investment opportunities
We offers IBs with diversified and comprehensive investment options including CFD products such as forex, precious metals, energy and indexes for IBs to exploit customers of different markets.

Intelligent IB management system
We offers its IBs with a powerful business platform which includes customer relations management (CRM), advertising and marketing system, and performance management system, making it convenient for IBs to manage customers and commissions anytime anywhere. The transaction data can be displayed to IBs easily and rapidly based on different needs.

Full support and training
We helps IBs in business expansion, offers professional support and training services including market knowledge, transaction skills and company management, all of which serve as the safeguards for the rapid business development of IBs.

VIP service: 24hr consulting
24 hours of professional consulting services for IB’s partners.
Highly flexible and efficient commission settlement system
With the use of advanced transaction system techniques together with our strong financial power,we has achieved the industry-leading real-time commission settlement system. Competitive internal return and the highly flexible and efficient external commission system are helpful for the operation and business expansion of IBs.

Overall market support and operation strategy
We offers IBs with diversified and continuous service support including support and guidance of various aspects such as media advertising, marketing events, lectures, sales training and customer relations, allowing IBs to expand businesses easily and professionally.

Stable and high-speed transaction experience, direct participation in international market
With a distributed data center equipped with multiple professional servers in constant back-up and connected with private lines, We are dedicated in offering investors with a stable, highly-efficient and safe environment. The high-speed connection and the direct linkage with banking system allow rapid deal-closing.

Risk warning:Margin trading in all foreign exchange, precious metals and CFD contract products is accompanied by a huge risk and therefore not suitable for all investors. Please be sure to invest fully within your own limits when you fully understand the risks involved. For more risk details, please refer to us