Privacy policy

Privacy policies

Protecting any client and visitor’s privacy and financial information is one of our prime priorities. Hereinafter Group describes how to collect and protect your information. This statement applies to all affiliated companies and departments of  Group. By opening account with  Group or using our website, you content that ABS Group may collect and use your personal information in accordance with the provisions of this statement.


We use cookies, web beacons (sometimes known as internet behavior tag or single-pixel gif) and other techniques (referred to as cookies as a whole) to obtain available data to improve your user experience and help us understand you better. Cookies are small text files which are sent by web servers and may be saved in your computer. With cookies, we can understand how you visited our website, the time you re-visited our website, and the pages you’ve visited, and we’ll be able to recognize your logging-in when we receive a page access request from your web browser. We may use the information kept in cookies for the recognition of your personal information submitted to our website. We will never disclose such information to any third party. Cookies can only be read by us and do not contain any personal information, nor do they contain any account or password information. We are prohibited and unwilling to collect your browse information of other websites.

We may share the access information of users to our website with respected advertising companies in a purpose of oriented online advertising. Shared information cannot be used for the recognition of personal identification. We may also use third party software to track and analyze access and flow data, including page requests, sheet requests and clicking paths, and such tracking may configure cookies on behalf of  Group.

All web browsers allow you to block cookies. It is deemed that you agree that we may apply the aforementioned methods to use cookies if your web browser setting allows cookies. You may still use our services if you still choose to block cookies, only that certain functions may not perform in the way they are designed.

Sharing personal information with affiliations of Group and its partners

Group may sell, permit, rent or disclose your personal information to any affiliation or a third party: In case that your personal information is needed when providing you with products or services of your request, or providing you with the opportunity to use any product or service of our affiliation, then Group may share such information with its affiliation.

In order to improve our service quality, we may employ other companies to take charge of some internal affairs such as account processing, execution, customer service, customer satisfaction investigation or other data collection related to our business. We may also provide customer information from the database to a non-affiliated third party including your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address to help us in analyzing and defining customer demand and notifying product and service information, or executing normal marketing or market investigation.

Group may also work with non-affiliated third parties to provide valuable and high quality products and services to our customer service department. To ensure that such products and services meet your demand and will be provided in an effective and proper manner, Group may share certain part of your personal information with such non-affiliated third parties.

We demand all non-affiliated third parties with which we share your non-disclosing personal information to keep the confidentiality of your information and may only use them in a limited purpose for the cooperation with Group, or out of legal requirement. Furthermore, when non-affiliated third parties provide you with products or services, we normally demand such non-affiliated third parties to disclose the purpose of such products and services are due to your relationship with ABS Group. Meanwhile, we strive to make sure that all these non-affiliated third parties adopt proper measures to keep the safety of data, guaranteeing that under no circumstance your personal information will be obtained or used without consent.

Group reserves the right to provide your personal information to a third party when required to provide such information to regulator, law enforcement institute or other government offices out of legal reasons. We may also disclose your information to meet the requirements of auditing or payment collection companies or when needed to protect our rights or properties. Anytime when you chose to purchase products or services of another company by, for example, clicking the ads shown in any website owned or controlled by Group, then it is deemed that your shared personal information between you and us are no longer bound by our privacy statement. We are not responsible for the privacy policy or content of any linked website, and unable to control the information that you provided to such websites or collected by such websites. Anytime when you click the link and visit to a joint site or visit a linked website, you may be asked to provide registration information or other information. Please be noted that the information you provided will be submitted to such third party and you have to be familiar with the privacy policy of such third party.

The safety of personal information

We adopted internet safety software, system and program to provide you with a safe transaction environment where your personal, financial and transaction information are protected. You will have one and only account number, user name and password when you opened an account. Only a small portion of  Group employees are accessible to your account number, user name and password due to their job duties. Please keep it in mind: You are the chief person in charge of the safety of your account information such as account number, user name and password. Therefore we strongly recommend not to disclose any of these information to anyone else.

We adopted encryption technique on our website and our account-opening page to protect the information transmission between us, and we chose Certificate Authority to certify our website to ensure the safety of your transactions and online application, and help you to recognize whether you have correctly accessed to our website.

The alteration and exit of privacy statement

The altered privacy statement will be immediately published in our website as soon as Group has substantially altered the content of this privacy statement. It is deemed that you have been notified as long as you agreed the electronic version notice regarding the alterations to the privacy statement in the website.

Under certain circumstances, such as when you share your personal information with non-affiliated third party, you may contact us as follows and notify us that you wish to “exit”. For joint account, the exit decision made by any account holder is applicable to the rest of holders of the joint account. In case that you have multiple accounts in Group, you must apply for exit one by one.

Any conflict arising from the privacy statement shall be subject to this announcement and the customer agreement of Group. Please contact our customer service representative in case of any unmentioned question in the statement.

Risk warning:Margin trading in all foreign exchange, precious metals and CFD contract products is accompanied by a huge risk and therefore not suitable for all investors. Please be sure to invest fully within your own limits when you fully understand the risks involved. For more risk details, please refer to us