Risk statement

Risk warning

Forex CFD may not be suitable for every investor since it is highly risky. You shall take your investment objective, experience level and risk tolerance capacity into prudent consideration before engage yourself in forex. More importantly, please do not invest without careful consideration if you are incapable of bearing losses.

Any over-the-counter forex transaction is highly risky, including (but not limited to) leverage, creditworthiness, limited legal protection, or any market turbulence factor that may influence currency or currency pair price or volume of business to a great extent.

Security deposit and leverage

You are required to deposit certain amount of capital in  Group as the security deposit for the transactions of leverage CFD or forex. Security deposit is normally a relatively small portion of your contract value. For example, for contract of which the leverage rate is 100:1, 1% worth of contract value is required as the security deposit, which means that a small price variation may lead to relatively big change in your contract value, which may be beneficial, or cause major loss on you.

You may lose your initial investment and asked to put in additional security deposit to maintain your cash position. You open position will be mandatorily closed if you failed to meet the security deposit requirement, and you shall assume all losses arising from such circumstance.

Market analysis

Any opinion, news, research, analysis, price or other information posted in our website is normal market comment instead of investment advice. It might directly or indirectly lead to losses by referring such information including (but not limited to) profit loss, and ABS Group is exempted from all liabilities.


Group has already adopted reasonable measures to ensure the correctness of such information in the website. The website content may be altered anytime without further notice.

Risk warning:Margin trading in all foreign exchange, precious metals and CFD contract products is accompanied by a huge risk and therefore not suitable for all investors. Please be sure to invest fully within your own limits when you fully understand the risks involved. For more risk details, please refer to us